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Fuelled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans consisting of Barry Allen, Arthur Curry and Victor Stone to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.
Title Justice League
Release Date 2017-11-15
Genres Action Adventure Fantasy Science Fiction
Production Companies DC Comics, Kennedy Miller Productions, Lin Pictures, Warner Bros., DC Entertainment, RatPac-Dune Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films
Production Countries United States of America


The long anticipated “Justice League” has finally arrived finally combining the biggest stars of the DC universe into one film. The proposed film has faced many obstacles on the way to the big screen ranging from script issues, massive reshoots and a change of Director for said reshoots due to a family tragedy that Director Zack Snyder suffered. The film follows Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Godot), as they look to assemble a team of other gifted individuals to help fight off a pending invasion. The death of Superman has left a void on the Earth, and this has paved the way for an ancient evil to return as he attempts to conquer the planet after he collects the three needed artifacts that his plan requires. In a race against time, Batman and Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), to battle to save the planet. Naturally they battle amongst themselves as well as their massing enemies but ultimately decide on a dangerous plan that can tip the odds in their favor and save the day. The action in the film is good but it often plays out like a video game. With so many blatantly obvious CGI backgrounds, the movie looked like a video game. There were numerous scenes that looked like they were lifted from Injustice and Injustice 2 that I mused to myself that someone must have used their Power Up for the shot. Affleck and Gadot are good and work well with one another, but there are some serious casting issues with the film. The biggest for me was Ezra Miller as The Flash. I did not like his effeminate, nerdy, socially awkward, and neurotic and at times cowardly take on the character. This is not the Barry Allen I grew up reading in comics or the one that has been portrayed twice in a much better fashion on television. His comic relief status grew old fast and his character really offered little to the film. It has been well-documented that Joss Whedon not only handled the rewrites for the film but took over directing duties to complete the film. You can see elements of his humor scattered throughout and the film does move along at a steady pace without dragging. The biggest issue is that so many of the characters are just stiff and one-dimensional. They really are not overly interesting so it is hard to really connect with them and the tasks they are facing. Unlike Marvel who have excelled with dysfunctional groups who fight amongst themselves as well as the forces of evil, this group seems to be going through the paces rather than being fully engaged with the task at hand and each other. In the end “Justice League” is better than I expected, and the two bonus scenes in the credits show some interesting potential down the road. As it is, it is flawed entertainment that requires audiences to overlook a lot of issues. 3 stars out of 5
Movie Queen41
An enjoyable superhero team movie. It's really being unfairly trashed by the critics. It's not up to the excellence of this summer's Wonder Woman film, but it's quite fun to watch. What made this film better than some of the other previous DCEU films is that it has a sense of humor. Previous films were rightfully criticized for being too dark and humorless. Gal Gadot is the stand out as Wonder Woman. This film did a better job in its portrayal with Superman. In Man of Steel, he battled Zod, which resulted in massive human casualties, without a care, which does not fit the character at all. That made me mad as a Superman fan. Here, he shows concern for innocent civilians, flying away with an entire building of people to make sure they would not be harmed in the battle against the villain. The one weak spot is the Big Bad, Steppenwolf. He's a rather fake looking CGI creation that lacks depth. But he's only the precursor to the REAL villain--Darkseid. The two end credit scenes are entertaining. The last one teasing the formation of the Legion of Doom/ Injustice League is particularly intriguing.
though thanks to bad reviews I wasn't sure about seeing this one but let me tell you my worries were put to rest very very soon this was one of the best times I have had at the movies this year the critics really missed the mark here I loved all the action and even the humor it was a good family movie as long as you have older kids due to the fact that the villans could be very frightening in spots and also this has a high level of action and it could overwhelm the youngest of kids but I still say get some snacks from the snack bar and be ready to have a super fun time at the movies with the entire family this thanksgiving weekend whether you go alone or take a group this is the movie to see
When it was first announced that 2016 would see _Batman V Superman_ and _Suicide Squad_ movies, I said to myself "Okay, I didn't like _Man of Steel_, but there's two very different DC entries coming up, I'll watch both of them, and if I like even one of them I'm willing to give this franchise a go." I didn't like either of them. Marvel had never interested me growing up. I was a Batman-kid through and through, so as hard as a decision as it was to make, I decided I wouldn't be back to watch this run of DC movies, because for me, it was three swings, three misses. Enter _Wonder Woman_ earlier this year. Though I had decided to not give this film series any more of money, I went back on my word and watched it opening weekend. Half "one-last-hail-Mary" and half "I don't mind voting with my money to see more female-led superhero movies". I loved it so much, that I was instantly back on the DC universe train. Now we have _Justice League_. I like to rank franchises according to my personal tastes. When it comes to what I refer to as the "DCIThoughtSheWasWithU" I dislike _Man of Steel_, _BVS_ & _Suicide Squad_ all roughly the same amount for different reasons, so it's tough to work out which comes in second place, which is third an which is fourth. But as surely as I know that _Wonder Woman_ comes first, _Justice League_ comes last. _Final rating:★½: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._
**Our childhood superheroes all together !!** Yet again a new DC installment from one of the most controversial directors of Hollywood Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel (2013) and Dawn of Justice (2016). The large of number of nerds around the globe are waiting for this from the childhood to see their favorite iconic heroes team up for the first time in Cinematic history. The basic plot of movie revolves around some deadly external threat wanting to conquer earth like every other CBM adaptations. The movie offers the same story as we see in most of the fandoms where a group of lonesome warriors come together to save earth. “Men are still good”, deeply inspired by the Superman, Batman has again gained his faith in humanity and wants to start working for it and saving it. The Batman continuing its investigation on what Lex Luthor was planning to do in Dawn in Justice. Diana and him are uniting some new members like Victor Stone Aka Cyborg and Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and Barry Allen aka Flash in order to find their potential for good and unite against common threats when the world need it.The movie shows how people who lives alone finds it hard to adjust among new people. One of most important part of the movie is The Superman in his full character development, and showing to audience that sometimes Superhero needs other Superheroes to save them, because at the end of the day everybody loves a classic DC story where “Superman saving everyone and beating the crap out of bad guys”. The performance of characters was good as the “material” was given to them. Batman which is played by Ben Affleck in JL was a bit out of character unlike the previous ones i.e. in Dawn Of Justice where he was The Freaking Bat ,The Worst Knightmare. He was purest personification of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight, brutal, badass emotionless vigilante who everyone fears but in JL he was watered down too low and Yeah the guy smiles too. It may be horrifying to see Joker smiling but trust me its more horrifying to see Batman smiling . After her wonderful victory over RT Gal Gadot could do a lot better. Wonder Woman was kind of distracted and could not establish character as she did it in Dawn Of Justice and Wonder Woman,or may be we were expecting more. Cyborg who is a brilliant sportsman who lost his life after an accident. It was good to see Zack tried to show how life of normal human changes after horrifying accidents. The guy is in conflict with himself which is brilliantly played by Ray Fisher. Just like Ben Affleck Ezra miller too was first hated then became everyone’s favorite kid in JL. His conversations brings the tone of movie somewhat lighter. Now we have king of Atlantis, He looks like Khal Drogo had a kid with some most beautiful mermaid. Thanks to Jason Momoa ,Aquaman is total badass unlike its previous versions . I don’t want to spoil Superman but yeah Henry really nailed it.He finally became The Superman everybody wanted. His journey is complete. He knows why he is here, to save us all. We had another badass mortal on the team, He is Alfred portrayed Sir. Jeremy Irons. Actually we are not in a position to judge Sir Jeremy but yeah he was one of the best parts you will love in JL. We saw his sassy quick-witted talk with Bruce. You may find the movie is not catchy ,may be this was result of messed up situation where Zack Snyder left the movie due to his personal problems and put it in hands of other director Joss Whedon. Those two are totally different in their approaches so it resulted in such situation. Although you may find a lot of negativity about this movie like previous DC films, because one of the things that audience forgets that DC characters are very dark unlike their contrary Marvel whose characters are cheesy and kind of funny, their stories and plots revolve around words like Hope , Justice and humanity not like Shawarma or Devil’s Anus jokes .This is a average movie not an Avengers movie. One thing I want to say that they kind of rushed to create a team up rather than Solo movies of Characters. This kinds of things makes hard for audience to adjust as they don’t bond with DC characters as easily they do with Marvel one’s. The CGI was somewhat down as compared to other CBM’s and could have been a lot better. _Overall_, the movie will attract you if you see it as first team up not if you compare with other ones. This DC movie is worth watching.

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